« They would have shot us, LeBron, D-Wade and me »


Eliminated in the second round, the Nets and their Irving-Durant-Harden trio have nonetheless delivered a big season, especially the players mentioned. League observers are therefore on their knees in front of the Big Three. According to Chris Bosh, he could even be better than that of the Heat!

The conference semifinals between the Nets and the Bucks will definitely stay like a big « what if? » Of this season. Indeed, Brooklyn will never have been able to evolve with its entire Big Three, James harden and Kyrie Irving being injured quickly during the series. This is Kevin Durant who had to carry his team alone, unfortunately in vain.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the three men form an insane trio, perhaps unheard of in the NBA on the offensive side. They certainly received praise from Chris Bosh, who was asked about them. The former Heat even believes they would have beaten his own Miami-era Big Three, with Lebron james and Dwyane Wade!

I’ll give them my vote. I can score points, and I’m going to go out there and fight, but you know, they can do things that I’ve never seen. In a 3 × 3, anything can happen. These guys can all score on jump shots. All three of them have the ability to make us think « Hey, that ain’t fair ». And then there is the question « who am I going to defend? » “Not KD, anyway! My game does not lend itself to this kind of basketball.

Strong words signed CB1, because the Tres Amigos were a real reference in the first half of the years 2010. Both ultra-complementary in attack and versatile in defense (especially thanks to the qualities of switch of Bosh), the Heatles had again makes South Beach a stronghold in the league. It is therefore not nothing to put them below KD & co.

However, where the Nets still fall behind is in terms of rings. James-Wade-Bosh is four Finals in as many years, for two NBA titles. We will therefore have to whip hard to return to their level in terms of charts. In view of the ambitions displayed by the Black and White trio, we doubt that this is a real problem.

Miami’s Big Three vs. Brooklyn’s? This is a particularly tempting opposition. We would pay dearly to see a 3 × 3 match between all these legendary players!


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