“They wanted my wife and children in exchange for Donovan Mitchell”

Days pass, and Donovan Mitchell’s trade to Cleveland is still in the balance. throat many leaders in the NBA. For example, one of them spoke in the media, and he made it clear that the Jazz bosses were asking too much of the market.

After the new humiliating elimination of the Jazz in the playoffs, against the Mavericks who had been deprived of Luka Doncic for a long time, it seemed quite obvious that the franchise would start on a reconstruction… The process was not long in starting, since Rudy Gobert was sent in Minnesota at the start of the summer, to almost everyone’s surprise.

Following this XXL trade that could well make the Timberwolves a team that counts in the West, all observers wondered where Donovan Mitchell would land, he who had favorite franchises in mind. The Knicks were described as the favorites in the file, the Heat was in ambush, but it was ultimately the Cavaliers who managed to convince the Jazz against a not necessarily disproportionate package.

The Jazz wanted to pluck the Knicks for Mitchell

And this outcome goes badly with some leaders, especially those in New York, since they have the feeling of having been cheated in the negotiations. They offered better than Cleveland, and yet Danny Ainge never really gave them a chance. In any case, this is what William Wesley explained to Charles Barkley, and the latter repeated it on NBA Radio.

I’m going to tell you something, revealing some exclusive information. I had dinner with William Wesley last night, and asked him directly why the Knicks wouldn’t trade Donovan Mitchell. He replied: « You mustn’t listen to the media, they wanted my wife, they wanted my children, my grandchildren… »

He clearly wasn’t ready to meet all their demands, even if the Knicks really wanted to close the deal. According to William the Jazz was trying to rip them off, so they decided to move on. I have to give a lot of credit to New York on this one because you can’t give everything for one player.

According to this information from Charles Barkley, the leaders of the Knicks really wanted to sign Donovan Mitchell this summer, but those of the Jazz were far too demanding for the negotiations to progress. William Wesley and his colleagues stuck to their initial decision not to part ways with all the youngsters to host the All-Star, which is a pretty good sign. What if New York was finally well run?

For Danny Ainge, Donovan Mitchell was worth everything the Knicks had to offer, but the New York leaders did not see things that way. The fullback eventually moved to Cleveland, to a more competitive team, he shouldn’t be disappointed.

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