“They lie more than Putin”, Tebas knocks out Juve, Real and Barça, the dissident clubs

Javier Tebas violently attacked Barça, Real and Juventus, who would like to relaunch the Super League project. The La Liga boss had very harsh words towards the leaders of the three dissident clubs.

Javier Tebas is not used to mince words, and he proved it once again this Thursday during a football summit organized by the Financial Times. While Real, Barça and Juventus of Turin were supposed to announce a relaunch of the Super League project during this conference, the La Liga boss stepped up to the plate.

“They lie more than Putin,” said Tebas, in remarks reported by a BBC journalist, during this summit. « The three clubs met at Andrea Agnell’s house (the president of Juventus, editor’s note)The boss of Spanish football thus offered us a rather comical situation since he made his remarks a few meters from the Turin leader, sitting in the front row of this summit.

Ceferin accuses dissident clubs of using the war in Ukraine

A few minutes before, Agnelli had already drawn the wrath of Aleksander Ceferin. The UEFA boss, determined to pull the rug out from under the Italian leader, also had very harsh words for dissident clubs. “They first launched their nonsense project in the middle of the pandemic, now we understand that they are launching another one in the middle of a war. These people must live in a parallel universe,” claimed the Slovenian, while repeating that clubs that take part in this closed league project will be excluded from all UEFA competitions.

According to a slew of sources, Agnelli was due to present new proposals – drawn up jointly with Barca and Real bosses – for the controversial closed league project, with some changes to the initial proposal. In his speech, the president of Juventus notably had to renounce the status of permanent member « to maximize the impact of the game on the social well-being of voters in Europe ». Juve, Real and Barca say their project is « an acknowledgment of a system that is broken. »

Felix Gabory RMC Sport journalist

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