They beat the ball for a good cause

The Entente Cordiale association, which promotes cultural and social exchanges between French people and foreigners, organized its Charity cricket match, a charity cricket match on the occasion of its English Festival, in partnership with the bar-restaurant team The Creusois of Azérables. The football stadium was transformed into a cricket ground for the occasion.

On English time

“We are trying to revive our activities a little, explains Hervé, president of the association, because it has been several years since this afternoon open to all has not taken place. “Even the tea room was set to English time and offered typically British cookies and products. Onlookers were also able to find good deals at the various stands, including pretty earrings and homemade cards by a Scottish woman. The raffle offered many prizes including porcelain plates, hand-painted by Gyn. French and English songs accompanied this afternoon animated by the artist K’ervahen and his guitar.

Proceeds from the flea market and stands were intended for the Creuse SPA and a local cause. Very established in the territory, these British who had become definitively Creusois had nothing but praise for Creuse and France. “We love living in France, especially in Creuse. It’s very quiet and relaxing here, we really like the countryside. The inhabitants were very welcoming and tolerant of our French. They take the time for everyone, ”confided an Englishwoman.

The Entente Cordiale organizes French and English courses and has long since opened a library, a painting workshop and a football activity while walking.

For amateurs, a cricket team is being formed in Chaillac, in Indre, as well as a French cricket association.

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