« They are terrible at shooting, even in construction we don’t make bricks like that »

The season has only just begun, but some franchises are already worrying observers greatly. Stephen A. Smith notably destroyed a West squad, which got off to a very bad start in its campaign. The words are humiliating at will.

Before 2022-23 kicked off, the Lakers were expected to be in trouble. Darvin Ham’s men have not been spoiled by the schedule, given that their first eight games are all against playoff contenders, or even the title in the case of the Warriors and Clippers. Their division rivals did them no favors in the first two meetings of the regular season, LeBron James & co. conceding two rather appalling defeats.

In the first place, it is the attack of the Pourpres et Ors which is subject to concern, since they have already won a particularly humiliating record. If last year, Russell Westbrook was nicknamed « Westbrick » for his clumsiness in shooting, this nickname can now be transmitted to the entire roster. Terrible, in the current era… Result, Stephen A. Smith did not hesitate to take out the sulfateuse to light up the Californian franchise:

Stephen A. Smith atomizes the Lakers

I’ll be honest with you… They’re atrocious. The Lakers are just terrible at shooting. LeBron is right when he says they fight on defense, they’re athletic, but these guys would be hard on construction workers. Even they couldn’t make bricks like those guys from Southern California. My God ! I don’t remember ever seeing the Lakers so bad at shooting.

Difficult to contradict the ESPN journalist for the trouble, as the figures agree with his speech. LA is only running at a pitiful 22% three-point success after two games, with already more than 80 shots taken. Impossible to claim a role of contender when you have so little compass in your eye. Of course, the glaring symbol of all this remains the Brodie, author of a terrible 0/11 in shooting in the Angelino derby and who fails to adjust the sights:

I love the person that is Russell Westbrook. In my opinion, no one should have anything bad to say about their personality. But when he’s told he can’t shoot, he needs to stop taking it as a personal affront. It’s just a fact.

Now it’s up to the coaching staff to find solutions, unless the front office manages to make moves to add snipers. Either way, good luck to them…

The Lakers are absolutely catastrophic in shooting and if the season is obviously still long, we can really worry about the Purples and Golds. We will have to straighten the bar immediately, if they do not want to repeat the disaster of 2021-22.

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