“They are like Tony Parker and Tim Duncan! They are… « 


Over the years, the duo Tim Duncan and Tony Parker is more and more respected in the NBA microcosm. Everyone knew how strong and dominant they were, their 4 joint rings are proof of that, but today they are placed among the best duos in history. And obviously, their spiritual children would be in Finals now.

Between the Lakers of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant and the Warriors Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson/Kevin Durant, there was another particularly dominant historical team. Less publicized, probably less sexy than the others, the Spurs of the Duncan / Parker / Ginobili / Popovich quartet still remain in the heights of the all-time hierarchy.

It must be said that there was everything in Texas, which explains the 4 titles won over this period. A dominating interior capable of shining on both sides of the pitch, a playmaker as skilled in organization as in finishing, who always respected the sense of the game, and a wonderful substitute who could dominate offensively and make the difference on his own.

Jokic and Murray the new Parker / Duncan?!

And according to some, this DNA would still be present in the league, and in particular on these Finals between the Heat and the Nuggets. During his press conference before Game 2, Kyle Lowry did not hesitate to compare his two most formidable opponents to the legends of San Antonio. Indeed, there is a rather obvious resemblance:

Journalist : Is there another playmaker/interior duo you’ve played against that has the same chemistry as Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray?

Kyle Lowry: Honestly Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. Jamal and Jokic are killers.

According to the leader of the Heat, Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic would have a chemistry similar to that between Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, which says a lot about the impression given by the Nuggets on these playoffs. Without necessarily needing to make cash, the two teammates know when to score, when to shine the other, where to put the passes, and for the moment no one has been able to solve this equation.

But to really deserve the comparison and get closer to the men of Gregg Popovich, we will have to add a few rings to the list. The Joker and his buddy are on the right path and seem destined to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy in a few days, it will just take continuity over time.

Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic are making very, very high level playoffs, and they would make history with a championship title in a few days. This campaign would be on par with any other pair in history.


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