These unmanned racing cars will blow your mind (video)

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published by Hugo Plassot-Moizan on Jan 15, 2022 at 1:35 p.m.

Motorsport is a real laboratory in terms of research for the future. The technologies currently used are then found in our cars a few years later. With this in mind, engineers have developed autonomous racing cars. They were able to test these vehicles on an Indy Car track in Las Vegas.

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Race cars without drivers on a circuit

Goodbye Hamilton and other Verstappen, that’s what we can say to ourselves when seeing these images from the United States. A team of engineers and mechanics have developed two unmanned vehicles. Two Indy Car prototypes (North American Motor Racing Championship) are driven by algorithms. Their trajectories are calculated by computers inside the cockpit and in the pits.

No more pilots here, just artificial intelligence and lots of electronics. Completed with radars and three cameras linked together to capture the maximum amount of information. All of these new generation cars are created by teams of students. The aim of this initiative would be, according to the organizer of the event, to bring these cars into official competitions such as the Formula 1 or the Indy Car.

Don’t worry, the goal is not to replace car drivers. The wish is to accompany the pilot by going faster and with better trajectories. Speeds like 430 or even 480 km/h would be an achievable goal for the next few years. To see if the electronics do not fail a driver at full speed before a dangerous turn.

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