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Because it’s not just the Big Five championships in life, So Foot invites you to discover three pieces of information that, for sure, escaped your vigilance during the weekend. On the menu for this Monday: a gala Cristiana Girelli in Italy, the takeover of Maccabi Haifa in Israel and a comeback as we like to credit Denizlispor.

Italy – Cristiana Girelli, super-queen of Italy

Between the striker from Lombardy and the Italian Supercup, it’s a business that rolls. On Saturday, Cristiana Girelli and Juventus lifted the trophy for the third year in a row, at the expense of AC Milan. Surprise by Christy Grimshaw on a corner (45e+1), the Old Lady came back to height thanks to a cross from Barbara Bonansea, pushed into her own nets by Valentina Bergamaschi (50e). Outnumbered for much of the second period following the expulsion of Laia Codina (54e), the Turinese have harvested for a long time. Until Girelli gave them the victory with a header that left Laura Giuliani unmoved (87e). Juve confirms its hold on transalpine football, especially since Pauline Peyraud-Magnin and her teammates outrageously dominate Serie A (eleven wins in as many days). Cristiana Girelli can now boast of having won the Italian Supercup ten times. A threat that Olympique Lyonnais, opponents of Juve in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, will undoubtedly have to watch out for.

Israel – With the Maccabi, the Hapoel has an enemy

Since the start of the season, Beer Sheva and Maccabi Haifa have been playing cat and mouse. And after several weeks spent in the lead, the Hapoël lost the throne this weekend. Blame it on a defeat against another Maccabi, that of Tel Aviv, unexpected arbiter of this duel at the top since he has just challenged the two ogres. Beaten by Haifa on the previous day (2-3), Tel Aviv dominated Hapoël on the smallest of the margins this Saturday (1-0). A surprising victory for the outgoing vice-champion, still in contention in the Europa Conference Conference, but far from being illogical in view of the appearance of the match. Two hours earlier, Maccabi Haifa healed his goal difference against Petah Tikva, the championship’s red lantern (0-4). It didn’t take long for Israeli-French Dolev Haziza to open the scoring (14e). Behind, a red card facilitated the task of the Greens who increased the score with Dean David, Maor Levi and Ben Sahar. A fiery attack (46 goals in 17 games, record this season), which gives them first place, a small point ahead of Hapoël Beer Sheva. The story being well done, the two teams will face off next week. By adding those found on their logos, we get a three-star poster. Logic.

Turkey – Denizlispor, that’s strong!

It is not yet known whether Denizlispor will manage to save his skin in TFF 1. Lig, the Turkish second division. But the completely crazy match played at Bandırmaspor on Saturday could well serve as a trigger. At the break, the Horozlar (the Roosters, in French) were led 3-0 by their opponents, installed at the top of the table and serious contenders for the climb. Defender Oğuz Yılmaz sounded the revolt shortly after the return from the locker room (3-1, 48e). Three minutes later, İlhan Depe took his turn (3-2, 51e), then Özer Özdemir, left free of any markings in the surface, sent the leather in full skylight (3-3, 65e). It was already crazy, but we couldn’t stop there. So at the end of additional time, Ömer Şişmanoğlu definitely stunned the local supporters by taking advantage in turn of the opposing defensive largesse (3-4, 90e+6). On arrival, the Denizliens are always penultimate. However, they stick to the teams located just in front of them and are only three points behind the first non-relegation, Altinordu. Something to be proud of as a rooster.

By Quentin Ballue, Emile Gillet and Raphaël Brosse

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