These 40-year-old players still at the highest level!

Don’t talk to them about age! There are a few in Europe who continue to play after having passed the 40-year mark. Some even play European Cups.

Drawing : "These 40-year-old players still at the highest level!"

The best known of these is obviously Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The one who celebrated his 40th birthday at the beginning of October continues to perform at AC Milan and has scored 5 goals in 7 Serie A games played. He who started with the pro in 2004 is still starting to think about stopping.

Another 40-year-old to play in the European Cup, Joaquin. Trained at Sevilla Betis and back at the club since 2015 after stints in particular in Valencia or Fiorentina, the midfielder continues to bring his experience to his team. Although he has not started any La Liga game this season, he has started in all 4 Europa League games. The iconic Spanish Betis has even delivered an assist in the league this season.

In the 2nd Spanish division, Ruben Castro continues to terrorize the defenses. The Betis striker between 2010 and 2017 plays today for the Cartagena club and has already scored 10 goals in 17 games this season, making him the current top scorer in LaLiga 2. He is no less than 59 goals away. marked over his last 4 seasons. Spanish is aging quite well.

It is less rare to see goalies go over 40 and continue to play. This is the case for example of Diego lopez, passed in particular by Villarreal, Real Madrid or AC Milan, the goalkeeper now plays for Espanyol Barcelona since 2016. And he still plays very well since he is one of the great architects of the rise of the Espanyol last season, 2nd division champion thanks in particular to the best defense in the championship and 20 clean sheets in 42 games.

Finally, the one everyone thinks of when we talk about an elderly guardian, Gianluigi Buffon keep Parma’s goals at 43. The legend of Juventus and Italian football breaks all records, and although he has only known 4 games without conceding a goal this season (out of 13 games), the man trained in Parma and returned home for finishing his career will always have a place of honor in the minds of Italians.

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