These 30 unusual things that cost more than a Lamborghini

You read correctly ! There are plenty of things worth more than a Lamborghini. Among them, some are known and others are not. Prepare to be as amazed as surprised.


Price: €285,000

From the American brand Jetpack Aviation, the Jetpack JB 11 has a top speed of 190 Km/h. However, its autonomy does not exceed 10min.

Price: €339,000

This pair contains 60 grams of pure gold and a few other stones. It costs 339,000 euros to date and yet it is only a pair of sunglasses.

Price: 1 million euros

Discover the most expensive computer in the world! It is equipped with a 17-inch LED screen, a 128 GB hard drive and a Blu-Ray player. It has an integrated self-cleaning screen. In addition, these buttons are made with precious materials such as gold, diamonds or leather.

Price: 1.2 million euros

Janjaap Ruijssenaars has imagined an extraordinary bed. The bed floats in the air, by means of a magnetic device.

Price: 1.2 million euros

This gadget is crafted from 18k gold and is adorned with 300 carats of diamonds on the back. The Home button on the front and the Apple logo on the back are adorned with black diamonds.

Price: 1.5 million euros

The Israeli jewelry brand, Yvel, has designed a mask for protection against Covid-19. This mask is made up of 3608 black and white diamonds which alone are worth 210 carats. Beyond its expensive price, it nevertheless fulfills the properties of a protective mask.

Price: 1.6 million euros

The Titan Zeus is the largest television device in the world to date. It has a 370 inch screen. You would need a 15 meter wall to be able to hang this screen in your home. Despite its size, it is a TV with various features such as motion tracking, touch screen and even an animated CGI aquarium, which turns the TV into a giant aquarium.

Price: 2.4 million euros

From 1923, it is the most expensive camera in the world, to date. There are only three left that are still in good condition. They are often sold at auction.

Price: 2.5 million euros

A piece of the moon was found in the Sahara desert. Put up for sale, one could boast of having a piece of the moon at home. It must be said that it is worth gold.

Price: 3.4 million euros

It is the most expensive piano ever sold at auction. He played a very important role in the movie Casablanca.

Price: 4 million euros

This pair was autographed by footballer Dwayne Wade and was sold so that the proceeds from the sale would go to charity.

Price: 4.3 million euros

Rhein II represents the most expensive photo in the world. Taken by the German artist Andreas Gursky, it was sold at auction in New York.

Price: 4.7 million euros

The most expensive pair of speakers in the world was developed by Hart Audio in 2012 as part of its Aural Pleasure range. Priced at $4.7 million, there is only one pair available in the world, crafted in 18k gold.

Price: 5 million euros

Designer Stuart Hughes has recreated another version of Apple’s Ipad Gold History. And contrary to what you may think, it is not the diamonds worth 12.5 carats which are encrusted there, which make it expensive. Indeed, it is the main frame of the facade, crafted from one of the oldest rocks in the world, ammolite dating back more than 75 million years, which allows it to be worth 5 million dollars. Not to mention the 65 million year old T-Rex bones that are embedded in the rock.

Price: 8 million euros

The famous British designer Stuart Hughes has wrapped the iPhone 4 with his diamonds to make it an iPhone 4 Diamond Rose. It is the second most expensive mobile in the world and it has a stylish look and many features that make it a specialty. It has a diamond antenna band that wraps around the sides of the iPhone and the back plate is also coated in rose gold. The 500 pure 100 carat diamonds decorate the sides and the apple logo on the back is also adorned with 53 diamonds. The home button is platinum and features a beautiful, rarely found, pink diamond. The sparkling diamonds adorning the rose gold metal make it worth showing off such an amount tag.

Price: 9.4 million euros

One-cent Magenta is the most expensive British Guiana stamp in the world.

Price: 15.3 million euros

The most expensive luxurious treatment the iPhone has received comes in the form of the Black Diamond. Stuart Hughes, the most famous iPhone designer, designed this device. It is covered with the most precious metals and very rare stones. The frame of the iPhone is made of solid pure gold and the diamonds are encrusted in it, just like in the Diamond Rose edition.

Price: 26.3 million euros

With its mainly marine-inspired styling, this ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royce is no ordinary Rolls. It is an outstanding piece in the world. It is also its exclusive character that pushes its price to the limit of reasonableness. His look is quite unique and his equipment is highly personalized.

Price: 27 million euros

Californium is, to date, the most expensive metal in the world. Its atom is used in devices designed to detect aquifers and petroleum layers. It is its rarity and its properties that give it such a high price.

Price: 30.8 million euros

This manuscript written by the inventor Leonardo Da Vinci in the years 1506 to 1510 is a collection of notes and scientific diagrams, concerning hydraulics, astronomy or geology. It is written upside down and therefore cannot be read without the aid of a mirror.

Price: 55 million euros

The Hallucination watch is a watch offered by Maison Graff. It holds the place of the most expensive watch in the world. It was made from very rare colored diamonds worth 110 carats.

Price: 71.2 million euros

Discovered in South Africa in 1999 and previously known as Steinmetz Pink, the Pink Star is the largest diamond in the world.

Price: 100 million euros

In its raw state, the Centenary diamond alone weighed more than 500ct. It was later cut into a modified heart shape, weighing 273.85ct. Sacrificing carat weight, however, has resulted in improved color and clarity of this unique diamond. It took 154 days for the team of specialists to complete the process of re-cutting.

Price: 152 million euros per gram

It is the largest jade stone in the world. She was found in a mine in Kachin State in Myanmar. The stone is just over 4m high and nearly 6m long with a total weight of around 200 tonnes. China is the proud owner of it and will probably make jewelry or sculptures from it.

Price: 275 million euros

The painting is a work of the famous French artist Paul Cézanne. In its quest to become an international intellectual power, Qatar purchased this extremely rare painting.

Price: 500 million euros

It is a long-haul plane converted into a private jet. Enjoy a pleasant space of 500 m² with a spa, a throne, a transparent floor and even a stable.

Price: 506 million euros

Villa Leopolda is the second most expensive house in the world after Antilia. It is a building located on the French Riviera which was operated as a hospital during the Second World War.

Price: 2 billion euros

Rising to 34 levels, it is a skyscraper that is supposed to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8.0. It houses 3 heliports and parking for 160 cars.

Price: 2.1 billion euros

The Hubble Space Telescope is the most expensive telescope in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It was commissioned in 1990 and has since been the basis for many major discoveries, including proof that our universe is ever-expanding and understanding the age of the universe.

Price: 100 billion euros

The international space station revolves in orbit around the earth and welcomes multiple astronauts like the Frenchman Thomas Pesquet. Its cost is 100 billion dollars. This is arguably the most expensive thing ever done by a man, to date.

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