« There was no match » between PSG and Brest for Der Zakarian, Pochettino « happy »


The two coaches gave their feelings after the Parisian victory over Stade Brestois (2-0) on Saturday evening at the Parc des Princes.

Michel Der Zakarian (Brest coach, after the 2-0 defeat in Paris ) : “The addition could have been more severe in the second period… The first was more consistent, we had situations before them, with Irvin (Cardona), on the first cross he must head and the second, he must score. Afterwards, we played a much stronger team than ours, which confiscated the ball in the second half. They could have scored even more. We only lost 2-0. They were stronger than us, there was no match. (…) To win against them, you must already defend well, and use the ball well to counter them. We tried. In the second period, there is no photo. We could have taken a little beating. It was not the case and it is good for the goal difference. (…) We will now turn to the reception of Lille next Saturday. Each match has its truth.»

Mauricio Pochettino (PSG coach) : “We got off to a good start. Afterwards, we got into trouble with a few bad decisions, we lost a few balls, which offered transition situations to Brest. We improved in the second period, we had better ball circulation, were more aggressive and we created more chances, while being less in danger defensively. Overall, I’m happy. (…) The performance, especially in the second half, gives confidence. (on the three/five defense) That’s an option. But the players aren’t pawns that you place on the field with arrows… It takes work.(at a press conference)


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