« There are only 7 to have done this madness in the current league, including Batum »

The French NBA player of the Los Angeles Clippers, Nicolas Batum, saw one of his prestigious compatriots, known internationally, land during training for his franchise

Los Angeles Clippers (DR)

More discreet this season in the ranks of the Clippers, Nicolas Batum is still doing wonders thanks to his complete panoply. The latter also allows him to appear in an ultra-select and prestigious cast, simply made up of 7 members!

After a brief interim in the five majors a few days ago, he is gradually returning to his usual role off the bench. A role that seems to suit Nicolas Batum perfectly, still precious for the Clippers in the victory acquired this Tuesday against the Lakers (133-115). Discreet in scoring (4 points, 1/2 in shooting), the French winger on the other hand distributed the offerings to his teammates:

Nicolas Batum in the elite of versatility in the NBA

An interesting scorer during his years in Portland, Batum has since swapped this costume for that of an all-around player. It is in this that Tyronn Lue uses him in his team, and thanks to which he proves to be so important in the rotation of the Angeleno coach. The Batman Agency, Sportalso wanted to illustrate his rare talent in the field with the help of an ultra-eloquent statistic on Twitter:

Did you know ? 👀
They are only 7 players in the current NBA to total 1,500 or more 3-point shots, 4,500 or more rebounds and 3,000 or more assists, including Nicolas Batum 📈

This is what is called a very exclusive club.

Just to be aware of the feat, superstars like Russell Westbrook or even Stephen Curry, who have a long list of liabilities in the league, are not part of it. The captain of the Blues therefore has reason to be proud of this achievement, which he will no doubt try to improve on the rest of his career. After all, the bar of 5,000 rebounds no longer seems so far away for him and his 4,910 units!

Often criticized for his not necessarily flashy game, or even his stats sheets that are not dark enough for some people’s tastes, Nicolas Batum can still be proud of his balance sheet so far. Only 7 of his peers have managed to keep up with his pace!

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