Théo Maledon back in the NBA

After a promising rookie season, we had high expectations for Theo Maledon, especially since he had chosen to refuse the summons to the France team to concentrate on his summer work. Unfortunately his start to the season was catastrophic: 2.2 points at a terrible percentage of 20.6% including 13.6% from distance, 1.8 rebound, 1.3 pass and 1.2 ball lost in just 14.2 minutes. He began to chain the DNP (his coach did not bring it in) and was sent to the G-League on November 11 to have playing time and regain confidence.

Mission accomplished since he was good with the OKC Blue: 15.4 points at 43.9% including 40% at 3-pts, 5.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1 interception. Result he was recalled by the Thunder in the NBA.

The Thunder played without Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Monday due to a sprained ankle and the Frenchman could have a chance tonight against Jazz. We imagine that he was not called back to continue to polish the bench, it is up to him to seize his chance if he does not want to return to the Blue.

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