The young team that could surprise everyone for Durant!


After three seasons in Brooklyn, Kevin Durant has decided to take up a new challenge, in a franchise that he will feel more capable of playing for the title. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have a lot of negotiating power. He could therefore end up in a young surprise team according to an expert.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were to bring the Nets to the top, but after only three seasons and only one series of playoffs won, this adventure is already over, the fault of exacerbated tensions with management. Undoubtedly very annoyed by the treatment reserved for his best friend, who asked for a maximum extension, KD made the decision to request a trade.

And if he does not necessarily have a lot of room for maneuver in the negotiations, he who still has 4 years on his contract, he still has preferential destinations in mind. According to information from several insiders, KD would like to join the No. 1 seeds in the last playoffs, namely the Suns in the West, where he would potentially evolve with Devin Booker and Chris Paul, whom he knows well from Team USA. , and the Heat in the East.

Toronto, outsider to sign Kevin Durant!

It now remains to be seen whether GM Sean Marks will agree to give him this ultimate pleasure, or whether he will negotiate with the highest bidder franchises, both in terms of stars and Draft choices. And according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, there are much better placed teams than Phoenix and Miami on the market, with much better counterparties. He spoke on the show “Get Up”.

For me the most credible team to welcome Kevin Durant is Toronto. They have Scottie Barnes on the roster, Pascal Siakam, and most importantly all of their draft picks to send to Brooklyn. The next team for me is New Orleans, but we’ll have to see what they do with Zion Williamson. Phoenix can also offer a package with Mikal Bridges and a player like Cam Johnson.

For Bobby Marks, who has many sources in the franchise offices, the Raptors would be the team to watch in the Kevin Durant file, since they have an All-Star to trade, Pascal Siakam, young players, but also draft picks to allow the Nets to rebuild. Above all, they know that a superstar is enough to aim for the title, they who were champions with Kawhi Leonard.

Kevin Durant hasn’t named the Raptors among his dream destinations, and yet, according to Bobby Marks, he just might to land in Canada in a few days. It remains to be seen whether his leaders will be nice to him and favor a trade to Phoenix or Miami.


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