The Worst Outfits in NBA Draft History!


The NBA Draft is tonight! And who says Draft says correct dress required… future rookies therefore have the obligation to come to the Barclays Center on their 31, to mark the occasion and enter the NBA in style. In the story, some young people tried to be original, but that made Cristina Cordula scream more than anything else. Come on, we’re redoing the worst Draft looks in history, those that tried, but only tried to have flow.

# Kevin Knox, Draft 2018

Oh bah Kevin, did you have an appointment in Salty Springs after the Draft or what? Check out the costume, well Star Wand well Bambi skin. In reality, the collaboration comes from an exchange between a fan and Knox shortly before the Draft, asking him to represent the famous battle royale game during the ceremony. Neither one nor two, here is a costume interior in the colors of the Epic Games license. We’ll come back to the dubious taste, but with such a costume, we can imagine Kevin being able to claim the legendary Scars of all his teammates, eh.

# Samaki Walker, Draft 1996

Well, that’s when you have two tickets for the Roland Garros final and then the Draft. No time to drop the hat, so it will be stylish. We even have the impression that he is going to circle his cows after the ceremony. Extra ge-lar costume as a bonus, it was the fashion at the time. Finally, it was yeah.

#Jalen Rose, Draft 1994

The total red look. Audacious on paper, long remembered. We are cow, because in itself, the outfit is not to take off the retina either. Until we see the tie, straight out of a grandma’s tapestry. The fashion faux pas that will make you go down in history.

# Amar’e Stoudemire, Draft 2002

The jacket never wants to stop altogether. He came in odd for the Draft the Stoud’ in fact.

# Drew Gooden, Draft 2002

Decidedly, what a beautiful stylistic cuvée that 2002. Drew Gooden, with a jacket to make you blush with envy all the leaders of Eastern countries in the 50s.

# Bol Bol, Draft 2019

He didn’t have time to change between the Spiderman convention and the NBA Draft, according to some rumors.

# Joakim Noah, Draft 2007

A Frenchman can’t go wrong on the evening of the Draft. Country of elegance, charm, haute couture by… Joakim Noah. The bow tie summer costume, are we going to have a drink on the terrace in Andernos-les-Bains or are we going back to the NBA there? Note the flow added by the cap. The hair is crying out for help.

# Vlade Divac, Draft 1989

The pants are actually a parachute. The perfect look for the late 70s…but ten years later.

# Bobby Jackson, Draft 1997

The costume designer has added two or three too many buttons to the jacket, in any case it is the hypothesis of the editorial staff.


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