the words of Massimiliano Allegri before this clash |

Juventus travel to the Stadio San Siro tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. as part of the 9th day of Serie A. Massimiliano Allegri spoke to the press before this shock of the Italian championship. Check out some of his statements in this article.

The game against AC Milan:

« How to handle this? We face each other as always, it’s Milan-Juve anyway. Let’s play against the champions, tomorrow will be a tougher game than usual. They come from a bad knockout in London, tomorrow they will want to catch up. It will be a good match, a great sporting evening, full stadium. There are conditions for doing well.« 

« Tomorrow the team will surely play a great game. We know the difficulties of the match, Milan are Italian champions, have great technique, it’s still Milan-Juve and it’s good to play.« 

The AC Milan team:

« To avoid open field situations, Leao must not have space, but they also have Giroud, De Keteleare, technical players. It takes a game with mental toughness to stay on the pitch. In Milan, the matches never end.« 

« Milan does. well, they are 4 points ahead. Stefano Pioli? Congratulations on the job he is doing, the championship he won, he hadn’t won a championship since 2010. The numbers are on his side.« 

A direct confrontation?

« Thinking about the direct confrontations… there are results to be obtained, between Salerno and Monza we left 5 points, we could have made 6. We are behind and we have to take one step at a time. Let’s see if we managed to score points.« 

A good test tomorrow:

« We made a mistake with Salernitana, no matter what happened with Salernitana, we got nervous and it must not happen again. We wasted a lot of energy and arrived at Monza not in ideal conditions, they changed the standings. it is important to give continuity, tomorrow is good and we have to play it. You need high level performance. Tomorrow will be a good test.« 

« If we manage to make a result, we have passed the test. Otherwise no. In San Siro it will take a good performance, that’s for sure.« 

Adrian Rabiot:

« Talking about the transfer window now doesn’t make sense, so society takes care of it. Rabiot is fine, he is growing like everyone else, now he is fine and getting closer to the team, we have 10 games by mid-November, we have to think one at a time.« 

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