The women’s XV of France outclasses Wales and awaits England for a final

Fourth victory in as many matches for Les Bleues, still in the race for the final victory. France won 33-5 in Wales.

A first period largely to the advantage of the French, who scored four tries in the first half hour. A double from scrum half Laure Sansus (9th, 29th), voted woman of the match, and achievements from Caroline Boujard (19th) and Laure Jacquet (23rd). Opposite, Wales did not show much.

A second act much more choppy with many hand faults, and scrums constantly replayed. Jessy Trémoulière scored the fifth blue try before the hour mark (56th). The French will then accumulate the faults and be more dominated. The Welsh save the honor at the end of the match thanks to Sioned Harris.

Four out of four for the French in this Women’s Six Nations Tournament 2022. Les Bleues will host England next Saturday for a « final » against England (who will face Ireland on Sunday with the status of big favorite) and a possible Grand Slam.

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