the winning return of Yoric Ravet among amateurs

There were a lot of people this Sunday at Combettes, a rural stadium in Saint-Georges-de-Commiers, in the foothills of Matheysine and Trièves. Probably because the weather was late summer and it was nice to come and see football on a back-to-school weekend… Maybe also because Yoric Ravet was on the pitch with his new club Manival Saint -Ismier. A 2nd round of the Coupe de France: this was certainly never happened in the career of the former GF38 striker, who rolled his bump for ten years in professional football;

“At the family level, it’s good to experience that; but it’s a shame that he finds himself there with us, « recognizes Julien, his older brother (39), whom Yoric joined for…

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