The wheel of a racing car flies over a spectator’s vehicle!


This is unheard of ! During the 500 Mile race held last Sunday, a driver lost a wheel of his car in an accident. Ejected into the stands, she passed between two bleachers and ended her race in a parking lot, on the car of a poor spectator. The consequences could obviously have been dramatic!

The « snowball » wheel does damage

The spectator in question is called Robin Matthews and she had nicknamed her car « Snowball » (« snowball » in French). The latter will probably end up scrapped in view of its deplorable condition after the accident. It is a white Chevrolet, which had allowed its owner to travel to the Indianapolis 500 Mile Tour. This is where she will certainly end her days, after a wheel from an accident car seriously damaged her.

Everyone is unscathed

There were only 15 laps remaining of the 200 race when the accident took place. Indeed, Felix Rosenqvist (#6) and Kyle Kirkwood (#27) collided. The…Read more on Autoplus


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