The Warriors very close to recovering a “transformed” player!

The ambition has not changed on the side of the Warriors, who will defend their title acquired last season in a few weeks. Steph Curry will be there, as will Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Jordan Poole and of course Andrew Wiggins. A great team that can cause mayhem, especially since a reinforcement of weight is still planned. It’s Steve Kerr who must be rubbing his hands.

The « title defense » mission begins very soon for the Warriors, who will be keen to do the NBA double after so many years of hardship. Injuries have finally decided to leave Steve Kerr’s men alone, although it is something that the medical staff will have to monitor over time, especially with players at risk. We think of Klay Thompson or even Stephen Curry, who spent a good part of his time in the infirmary at the start of his career in the North American league.

But if we look at the side of the good news, the supporters can be conquered. We already know that the roster, at least in large part, will be back next year. We include Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins (free agent in 2023) and finally Jordan Poole, who can sign a contract extension before the resumption of the season. For now, the back is on track to keep his current deal, which means that his performance this year will decide his future emoluments. Whatever happens, Golden State will have the opportunity to keep him with his restricted free agent status, unlike the interested teams.

A reinforcement of weight is approaching for the Warriors

The other player to follow closely in this squad and whom the fans are eager to find is undoubtedly James Wiseman, second choice of the 2020 draft. A meniscus injury doomed his efforts last season, forcing the pivot to spend a few more months on the side of the infirmary, to the chagrin of the supporters. Nevertheless, journalist Kendra Andrews is very reassuring about Dub City number 33, who should return to the courts shortly.

« All signs indicate » that James Wiseman should be fit to play for the preseason, according to Kendra Andrews.

There were some doubts among the Warriors and for good reason, Wiseman has chained disappointments in recent months. He had even played a few games in the G-League to try to come back, but pain finally delayed the deadline. Very bad news for Golden State, which would not have said no to a dominant pivot during the recent playoffs. Fortunately, the Memphis product is doing much better, the proof with this other information:

Andrews adds that Wiseman has put on “3 to 5 kilos of muscle”. 😳

Completely recovered from his injury, and obviously even stronger, it’s a new James Wiseman who is about to find his teammates at the Warriors after his false start. The young player hopes to make an impression with the Dubs, while recovering the place of pivot holder in front of Kevon Looney. A rich problem for Steve Kerr, at least if his player shows himself at the level.

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