« The Warriors Said ‘Go F * Besides’ The Rest Of The League »

Ultra-domineering at the start of the season, Golden State already has a certain lead over the competition. For a famous analyst, Californians took the opportunity to send a big middle finger to all the other franchises… and they seem more than sure of their strength!

14 victories for only two defeats, impressive performances against several big cars and an already very high level of play: the Warriors wasted no time in showing that their title ambitions are not excessive. Led by a Stephen curry On fire, the Men of the Bay are the best team in the league, both in terms of balance and visually. And to think that Klay Thompson is not there yet …

What is certain is that observers were left speechless by the performances of the Dubs, which no one expected so loud in such a short time. During an interview with NBC Sports, Bill Simmons in any case had strong words towards the three-time champion franchise in the years 2010. For the veteran analyst, they used their big win against Brooklyn to send a message to the entire NBA, and that – it is impossible not to enter:

Golden State in complete confidence at the start of the season

Their « fuck yourself » moment came during the game against Brooklyn. They held onto Steph Curry for the extra two minutes so he could score his ninth three-pointer, and I was like, “oh, we’re there already. The Warriors in « go get rid of » mode are back. I just thought they were good.

Clearly, Californians have already crossed the “good” bar a long time ago, and they don’t seem to be stopping at all. Don’t count on Steve Kerr to calm things down, anyway! Also interviewed by NBC Sports, the franchise’s chief tactician felt that the current trend was only logical, given the leaders in the locker room. The depth of the roster is also blessed bread for him and his staff:

This is how it should be for the Warriors with Steph Curry and Draymond green at their head. This is how it should be. I think that’s what we felt in the last 20 games of last year. The joy of the crowd. It’s perfect. There are a lot of weapons, a lot of different options for the coaching staff. And a group that is truly selfless and connected.

Now, we will have to confirm these comments by performing in the days to come, which will be decisive in judging their true level. Between November 24 and December 3, GS will face the Sixers, Blazers, Clippers and the Suns twice. If the Chef and his teammates manage to stay unbeaten through this series of matches, then the competition will be really freaking out… even more than it already is.

The Warriors are not here to joke in 2021-22, even if it means beating everyone from the start. The potential of the Dubs is simply scary… It remains to be fully exploited in order to seek the title at the end of the campaign.

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