The Warriors Refuse To Trade A Player And Get Rolled!

While the trading market is set to shake up shortly, the Warriors have an opportunity to be active. But the franchise refuses, enough to attract some criticism.

With a 21-4 record, the Warriors are among the best teams in the league. This is no longer much of a debate for Steve Kerr’s men, who can count on a great Steph curry during this campaign, but not only. Draymond Green is a hit, just like Andrew Wiggins, or Otto Porter Jr out of the bench. But for a suitor, you can always look better.

On December 15th, the market will be agitated with the possibility of trading players who signed a contract last summer. Discussions should take place, especially asa team from the East has decided to break its roster. Good news for Dubs, since one of the targets is available.

Are the Warriors ready to keep their roster intact?

But does the front office want to take action? The answer is no, at least according to early feedback. Green does the job when he’s placed in the hub, and the rest of the time the franchise relies on the return of… James Wiseman. Sure enough, don’t count on them to trade the young player to get a Myles Turner, or whatever.

Not for Myles Turner. Not for Domantas Sabonis. Not for a package against Ben Simmons. Even if the return of James Wiseman is postponed and it will take time for the games. The Warriors won’t trade it.

An obviously doubtful choice, especially since Wiseman did not impress during his matches with the Dubs. It’s clear he needs time, but even with that, no one knows if he’s going to be successful in winning San Francisco. Putting it in a package would be an opportunity to see an improvement at post 5, but the Dubs are totally against it.

A speech that should displease Steph Curry, who wants his team to do what is necessary to win the title. Not trading Wiseman is proof that the front office is mainly aiming for the long term, with the future and not the present, despite the possibility of winning a new ring this season. Something to frustrate the players, as well as the fans.

The Warriors refuse: James Wiseman will not be traded, not immediately anyway. An answer which is not surprising, but which always angers the fans as much. Clearly, the front office refuses to give everything to win a championship.

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