The Warriors on the verge of implosion?! The confession of the owner who worries!

After the title, the smiles quickly disappeared in Golden State, where the Free Agency is being quite cruel with the departures of many talents. And the latest media outing from owner Joe Lacob isn’t going to reassure fans. The carnage should be even worse next season…

The Warriors have just lived through the last weeks rich in emotion… If the joy was first present in the hearts of all the players and all the fans, with this new title won in a convincing way against the Celtics, it is then the joy. uncertainty and disappointment that took over. Indeed, for the first time in years, GM Bob Myers failed to retain his players in the market.

From the first minutes of the Free Agency, it was Juan Toscano-Anderson who packed his bags for Los Angeles, where he will have the chance to evolve with the one he considers the GOAT. And then a few hours later, perhaps the most serious news of the summer in San Francisco, it was Gary Payton II who packed his bags for Portland. According to reputable sources, this loss would annoy the stars of the squad a lot

The Warriors in the red financially?

And if the situation is worrying this summer, things could get even worse next season, with the end of contracts for Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins, who should both ask for a big jackpot. Passing through a media podcast The Athleticowner Joe Lacob has made terrifying confessions for the continuation of the Warriors dynasty… A cycle may be coming to an end in the NBA:

You spoke of certain figures, with the extensions our workforce would cost us between 400 and 500 million in salary. It’s impossible to survive in these conditions. Impossible. I already have problems with the rest of the league, it would be even worse. In fact, we found a small hole in the system to exploit, and we jumped into it, but it’s not good for the league. Poole and Wiggins’ extensions are a problem for us.

The situation is going to be very very difficult for the franchise. We’re making money, but the spending on salaries, room, development teams, and offices is also crazy. If we don’t manage to be competitive next season, we’re going to have to look seriously at some salaries. In the end, we still hope that Jonathan Kuminga or James Wiseman can take over.

The Warriors have always managed to keep their best players, even if it means paying a big luxury tax, but the situation could quickly change… Because after Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, it will be Klay Thompson and Draymond Green who will need an extension, the wage bill could therefore increase further. If the Warriors don’t win another title next season, some historic heads could pack their bags.

For years, the Warriors have developed and then paid exceptional players, but the philosophy of the leaders could change. Indeed, it will be impossible for owner Joe Lacob to afford his nuggets like Jordan Poole, and legends like Klay Thompson. You will have to make a choice!

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