The Warriors masterplan with their 2 Draft picks revealed!


Holder of the 7th and 14th pick of the Draft, Golden State has several options as to their use. What will they actually do with these two precious assets? An insider delivered the big trend that emanates from the hot file.

As a year ago, the excitement takes center stage during the summer within the Dub Nation. After a new season ended at the dawn of the playoffs, the Warriors intend this time to bounce back. There are many reasons for hope in the Bay, and do not only concern the still intact talent of Stephen curry, or the long-awaited comeback of Klay Thompson.

Indeed, Golden State is also expected to show activity in the market. Despite its financial constraints – it has the highest payroll in the league ($ 171M), ahead of Brooklyn – the franchise has some strong assets. Included are picks 7 and 14 of the next Draft, the use of which remains to be determined. Conor Letourneau from San Francisco Chronicle has just come to bring a little more clarity on this point.

Maybe Golden State would make the right choice by exchanging its two lottery picks. According to a source in the league, the “plan A” of the Warriors consists in putting in a package the choices 7 and 14, to obtain a player who can evolve in the starting five, and being in his bounty.

Despite the talent contained in the next batch of rookies, the Dubs would therefore count above all to obtain reinforcements capable of providing immediately, and not of the future. A strategy as judicious as it is logical, given the advanced age of their Big Three (32 years old on average). In an interview with Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Draymond green leaves the door wide open to this scenario.

I think we are in a good position. You can take different paths. But at the end of the day, that decision is not mine. I’m still trying to help out in this process, and I will continue to do so. There are some big talents in this draft, that’s for sure. But there are also some big talent in the league. So we’ll see what will happen.

If they want to get a starter in full possession of his means, the possibilities are not really jostling on the market. The front office can possibly dream of convincing a rival team to give up its superstar with these two picks, accompanied by one or more big players of the workforce. Discussions of this kind have in any case already taken place, and not around any profile.

Despite the potential that they could obtain via their Draft choices, the Warriors therefore rather want to recover immediate strike force thanks to them. Be careful though, because time is running out before the ceremony.


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