The Warriors humiliated for their new jersey!


A few weeks before the resumption of training, the franchises are gently starting to unveil the new jerseys. This is the case of the Warriors this Tuesday, with a color that is talking a lot. Golden State has revealed its « Statement Edition » jersey, which is very reminiscent of another NBA team. The fans themselves, did not miss the opportunity to make fun.

While they beat the Celtics in the grand final, the Warriors will logically want to defend their title next year, with Steph Curry still in good shape. Fans will be the first to attend, even if their team’s latest reveal didn’t go to plan. This Tuesday, the Dubs formalized their “Statement Edition” jersey, like every year. Problem ? It is eerily reminiscent of another franchise.

The Warriors jersey is controversial!

Yes, this jersey is immediately reminiscent of the Pacers, and that’s just in the NBA. On the college side, you can see some similarities with the Michigan team. A very strange choice, even if it is mainly the color that is the problem. It is unfortunately too late to change, but not sure that the supporters rush on it. In response, some wanted to joke a little.

Golden State Pacers??

It’s the same picture

The Golden State Pacers, a new NBA franchise? In any case, there will be a choice to be made in terms of jerseys when the two teams will face each other on the court. Not sure that the jersey will be the best-selling Warriors next year given the reception on social networks.


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