The Warriors’ Great Dilemma Regarding Klay Thompson

It’s almost confirmed, Klay Thompson will return before the year 2022 for the Warriors. Good news for the franchise, although Steve Kerr will face quite a headache. Explanations.

Best team in the league since the start of the season, the Warriors can thank Steph Curry, which is already in MVP mode. Draymond Green is in charge of defense, while Jordan Poole excels for his third season on the pro. We add to that valuable players off the bench, and we understand how Golden State has a record of 14 wins for 2 losses.

To this, we must take into account the big news: Klay Thompson will be back for the month of December, as confirmed by Shams Charania. Hopefully the coming weeks go well, but it’s clear the shooter is on the right track. Good for the fans, even if his return to the court raises many questions.

Klay Thompson will he start upon his return?

Indeed, it is never easy for such a player to suddenly return to the court. After more than two years of absence, one can for example wonder if the back will be holder, or will he start out of the bench? Steve Kerr was keen to resolve the matter quickly, although rotations remain a mystery.

I haven’t been able to think about it yet. I don’t know yet when Klay will be able to play, but he will obviously start. What does it mean ? I do not know yet. I will think about it when that happens, because we do not yet know which players will be present.

With the explosion of Jordan Poole, who connects games to more than 30 points, a return to the bench seems very unlikely. Klay could debut as a winger, even if Andrew Wiggins is there, as is Draymond Green. A rich problem for Kerr, who will have to find solutions, just like Steph Curry, who spoke on the subject:

That’s the challenge, knowing which players we’re going to use in each game, for how many minutes, all with the idea of ​​creating a solid rotation that will help us win a title.

Klay Thompson’s return will be welcome, but it’s going to change a lot of things in Dubs, starting with the rotation and the Jordan Poole issue. However, no problem for Steve Kerr, who is sure to find the right formula. We can’t wait to discover it.

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