The Warrior in trouble since the return of Klay Thompson

If the return of Klay Thompson was highly anticipated on the side of Golden State, this does not mean that it was good news for everyone. A member of the workforce struggles especially since the comeback of the Splash Bro… He also broached the subject, after the victory against the Bulls.

Two and a half years, that’s the time the Warriors had to go without being able to count on Klay Thompson. Touched to the cruciate ligaments of the knee in 2019, then to the Achilles tendon a year later, the back was desperately awaited by an entire franchise and finally made his return a few days ago. With him on the field, Steph Curry & co. however, stalled a bit with just one win in three games.

Inevitably, the arrival of such a player in the rotation requires a lot of adjustments, in order to find the right formula. This also means that some players suffer from this situation… We can notably mention the case of Jordan Poole, who lost his starting spot in the five majors because he played in the same position as the Splash Bro. He still wanted to calm things down at a press conference, even if he admits that the solution has not yet been found:

Difficult adaptation for Jordan Poole after the return of Klay Thompson

It’s different. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult. It’s a change and we all expected it… Klay is a very, very good player. He’s not quite in the same team as two years ago, so we’re trying to put the pieces together.

The young full-back’s rhetoric is commendable, but the facts are there: since the No.11 has returned, Poole has been much less statistically impactful. In three games before the one against Chicago, he had thus accumulated only 35 points at 11/30 in shooting… Not an obvious situation for a player so focused on scoring. However, he needs rhythm and prolonged passages on the floor to fully express himself, which is necessarily harder with Killa Klay on the ground.

The good news is that the guy hasn’t lost his talent because of it either. Thompson absent against the Bulls to rest, he took the opportunity to sign 22 points in historic Golden State victory. If they succeed, the Californians could well make an extremely valuable sixth man of luxury, who can easily take over at fullback. Important data when your holder has just returned from such a long absence.

Jordan Poole still has to deal with the consequences of the return of Klay Thompson, having de facto lost his place in the five major. However, we can hope that he overcomes his difficulties and becomes a major force coming off the bench, which would help Steve Kerr a lot!

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