The Volkswagen group is preparing 1,700 hp electric cars


The SSP will become the sole electric basis of the Volkswagen group. Rumors had mentioned development delays, but it remains announced for 2026.

The Volkswagen group has just presented a strategic reorientation, which should enable it to boost its profitability. This must become the priority over the volume. One of the challenges is to reduce the group’s operating costs. This does not call into question the colossal investments to design more electrified and more connected ranges.

One of the major projects of the moment is thus confirmed: it is the SSP platform. This must be the ultimate Swiss army knife in terms of electric platform, since it is intended to become the sole basis for all brands and all models. It will thus take over from the MEB, which will evolve all the same in the meantime into MEB+, and from the PPE, which will be used for a few years by Audis and Porsches.

Announced in 2021, the SSP is to be inaugurated by a “new generation” electric VW, nicknamed Trinity, initially planned for 2026. But rumors from the hallway suggested a delay, even suggesting a postponement to 2028 or even 2029. major operational concerns of the Cariad division, dedicated to software, which have already delayed the launch of the electric Audi Q6 and Porsche Macan. But during the presentation of the new strategy, the group indicated that the SSP was still planned for 2026.

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It will therefore be able to adapt to city cars as well as large models. The manufacturer also announces that the panel of engine powers will go from 120 to 1300 kW, or more than 1700 hp! Cooldowns will be accelerated. While it takes around 35 minutes at best to go from 10 to 80% with the SEM, it will be 12 minutes with the SSP!

The development of elements will be divided into pole of brands. Those dedicated to small vehicles will be overseen by Volkswagen. Audi will take care of the medium models, Porsche of the large models. And each element will of course be shared with the other labels. Everyone will benefit from economies of scale. The group wants to obtain with the SSP margins equivalent to those of thermal vehicles.

The other important area for saving money concerns batteries, again with the desire to have a common base. VW is thus working on a unified cell. The chemistry will be adapted to the brand and category of the model.


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