The viral statement of Anthony Davis which is controversial at the Lakers!

Finally back in shape at the dawn of the recovery for the Lakers, Anthony Davis logically hopes to live a great season in the City of Angels, while closing a few mouths in passing. The interior, however, split a rather special statement in front of the media, with fans very divided in the comments.

The Lakers are finally back on the court with their training camp, which already does not fail to arouse a lot of reactions from supporters. I have to say that LeBron James tasted entrance loss to Russell Westbrook, proof that this season begins in a very strange way. The fans remain quite pessimistic about the final result, since the arrivals of Dennis Schroder and Patrick Beverley have not been completely convinced.

The Lakers ready to surprise the West?

We know for example that the Angelinos could have registered a new recruit in recent weeks, at almost 20 points on average, a good way to boost the external threat. Unfortunately, Rob Pelinka said no, he who refused a request from the Jazz, which didn’t seem so threatening though. Fans are worried, with Anthony Davis not keen to label his side as title favorites, but rather underdogs.

Anthony Davis on the Lakers:

“We are the underdogs. »

A way to relieve some pressure on the side of the Lakers? We can see it like that, after all, the franchise didn’t even manage to reach the postseason in 2022. Can we really expect such a team to become favorites in a few months? Not after the moves in the summer. And yet, given the demands of Jeanie Buss, the owner, it is obvious that the Purple and Gold have an obligation to win a title. The supporters themselves are mixed in the comments.

He knows they’re flushed 😭😭😭 they won’t make the playoffs

We are the champions 2023

Led by Anthony Davis and LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers hope to win this 2023 title, despite obvious shortcomings. The former Pelican is clearly aware of this, he who prefers to temper the expectations of the supporters from the start. A statement that may not please everyone.

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