The viral reaction of Rudy Gobert, shocked in the middle of a dedication!

Before flying to Sarajevo and challenging Bosnia and Herzegovina there, Rudy Gobert shared a warm moment with the French public. He even came across an object that did not leave him indifferent during an autograph session!

Without delivering the most brilliant performance of his career with the Blues, he nevertheless signed the best evaluation of the team (20). Rudy Gobert once again ruled the roost in France’s last match, against the Czech Republic. Author of 14 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks, he entertained the crowd gathered in the spans of the Accor Arena, obviously won over to his cause.

Rudy Gobert hyped by his new Wolves shirt

Just days before the start of the Eurobasket in Germany, this disputed meeting in Paris represented the last outing on French soil for Vincent Collet’s men. For the occasion, the latter therefore agreed to sign a few autographs after the final buzzer, like Gobert. The pivot of the Timberwolves also had the pleasant surprise of having to sign his new tunic!

Transferred to Wolves a little less than two months ago, Rudy had probably never seen a fan come to him with the jersey he will now wear in the NBA. He therefore did not hide his joy when he discovered it, dropping a small note in passing: “That’s jersey, that! Relayed by the Twitter account of his franchise, this video also put Minny fans in all their states:

I still can’t believe he’s on this team lol

This is my hub

Rudy Gobert’s Wolves jersey is already starting to appear in France, which did not fail to surprise the tricolor big man. It’s a safe bet that the tunic is already tearing up like hotcakes on the side of Minneapolis!

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