The viral post that terrifies fans about Zion Williamson!

Zion Williamson will be watched very closely in 2022-23, given that he has not played for many months. His health is likely to worry fans for a long time to come… especially after a rather scary Instagram post about him.

The Pelicans could well be one of the attractions of the coming season, and not just because they surprised in 2021-22 by reaching the playoffs. After all, they are preparing to recover whoever is their best player on paper, in the person of Zion Williamson. The power winger has had a year off with a foot injury which caused him major headaches, but he is now out of recovery and should be ready for the season opener .

Given his talent and the stats he has posted since his draft in first position (nearly 26 points and 7 rebounds per game), he is bound to be watched by everyone… but also because he already has a bad reputation as a player. brittle. After all, we’re not just talking about last season, but very regular visits to the infirmary for a while. A user summed up the situation perfectly on an Instagram, with a publication listing all the glitches he experienced:

Zion Williamson’s health concerns

The knees, the feet, the hand: in other words, the former Duke player was not spared physically. Each time, moreover, the injuries have occurred in fairly strategic places for an athlete, and they have been serious enough to cause him to miss no less than 161 regular season games in three years, as well as the playoff series of the Pels this year. A mind-blowing total for someone who has only been in the league since 2019…

Of course, the fans didn’t take long to identify the main problem: his weight, which has often been the subject of controversy in recent months. If he now seems physically transformed, there is always the risk of a relapse in this area, which greatly worries the Bayou fanbase. The comments of the post also reflect this very well, with Internet users urging the person concerned to take care of him:

@starks_industries106: You must lose weight! All those wounds in the lower part of the body, it’s not good!

@yogirllovethispressure_28 : Wow, Zion really needs to be careful if he wants to be with New Orleans for the long haul

@jvillgu: He needs to lose weight or start training with LeBron James

Injured multiple times and in several different parts of the body, Zion Williamson will have a hard time getting rid of his reputation as a fragile player. However, it is essential for him, especially in view of the rest of his career.

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