The viral photo of Victor Wembanyama (2m21) with Michael Douglas (1m78)!

While he delivered a recital against Limoges with his best performance of his career, Victor Wembanyama continues to rise in stature and draw attention to himself. Actor and producer Michael Douglas traveled to Levallois to see the phenomenon. The opportunity to pose for a photo… obviously a little unbalanced!

He was so strong that the Limoges coach could only resort to a great punchline after the match. Victor Wembanyama splashed the game with his entire class on Friday night, carrying the Mets to another success in the wake of his 33 points and 12 rebounds. Never disappointing since the start of the year despite the various defensive systems he encounters, Wemby continues to raise his hype to stratospheric levels.

In the United States, journalists rarely go more than two days without writing about the phenomenon. In France too, where basketball is only too little taken up in the mainstream, the articles are multiplying and the enthusiasm is growing. Moreover, even the Boulogne-Levallois club admits to being overwhelmed by the situation!

Michael Douglas very small next to Victor Wembanyama

Several signals do not deceive, and the visit of Michael Douglas in the front row of the match between the Mets and Limoges is one of them. A basketball fan, the 78-year-old actor took advantage of Wemby’s performance in the front row… before going to immortalize his meeting with him.

Friendly basketball night in France. So great to meet Victor Wembanyama, the future of the NBA. Thank you to the Metropolitans 92 for the welcome!

This is obviously not the first time, nor the last, that Victor Wembanyama makes a star look like a minus next to him. Ask for example Kylian Mbappé (picture here), or the journalist Ambre Godillon, who is only 1m60 tall (picture here)!

A true international phenomenon, Victor Wembanyama pushed the immense Michael Douglas to make a detour to the Marcel Cerdan Palace to see him. Even the biggest stars want their shot next to Wemby, which says a lot, once again, about the expectations around our tricolor prodigy…

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