The very insulting proposal evoked for Russell Westbrook


Russell Westbrook has no room for error this season with the Lakers… Indeed, since the beginning of the year, each failed game has resulted in a torrent of negative comments, both among fans and observers. Moreover, one of them has just made an insulting proposition about him.

The start of the season Russell westbrook is arguably not as good as Lakers fans were expecting when he was signed. With a new season in average triple-double with the Wizards last year, the point guard was presented as the man who would allow the Purple and Gold to reach the top by forming a huge Big 3 with Lebron james and Anthony davis.

The problem is that after a sluggish preseason, Russ failed to increase his level of play in the regular season… He was slaughtered by very demanding fans after its first release failure against the Warriors, before being taken from high by Devin Booker in the next match. We clearly knew Mr. Triple-Double more incisive and more intimidating on the floors.

Russell Westbrook new 6th man?

And after his first big card against Spurs, which could have started his season, the leader fell back into his pitfalls with a humiliating quadruple-double and a surprising loss to Oklahoma City, one of the worst teams in the league. So for Jim Boylen, former coach of the Bulls, Frank Vogel must find a solution and quickly… He recommends a role of 6th man for Westbrook!

I see Russell Westbrook playing for the second team more often… So why not get him off the bench? He could play against substitutes and make his teammates better. He’s never shy about making the right pass, he tries to make everyone shine with him, he plays 100%, but his decision making has to be a lot better.

Russell Westbrook is just coming out of a year in an average triple-double, he was in the MVP race not long ago, he remains one of the best passer on the planet, but for Jim Boylen he would not deserve better than a 6th man role with the Lakers. So obviously it is a possibility, if Frank Vogel so decides, but not sure that the player accepts such humiliation.

Indeed, he has spent his career in the shoes of No.1 or No.2, so serving as a third option must already be hard enough for his ego. By relegating him to a replacement role, the Lakers tactician could well lose his most important recruit of the summer and jeopardize the title chances of his group …

The Russell Westbrook case has not finished talking in the NBA microcosm… Everyone expects to see it shine every night, and the slightest bit of slack will be commented, analyzed, and followed by crazy proposals like this one.


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