The unknown Nets player whom KD compares to “God” Steph Curry!


Former of the Warriors, Kevin Durant was able to attest in a privileged way to the excellence of Stephen Curry. In recent hours, however, he has not hesitated to bring one of his teammates in the shadow of the “divine” leader of Golden State!

If the Nets have the 12th-best 3-point percentage in the league so far, it’s certainly not thanks to him. With his 33.3% average from afar this season, Kevin Durant is strangely clumsy in one of his favorite exercises. Fortunately, he can rely on formidable snipers at his side to penalize the opposing defenses, including one of the most surprising.

Better than Durant-praised Nets shooter Curry

In the absence of Kyrie Irving, and faced with the difficulties displayed by Ben Simmons, KD had to find other lieutenants capable of feeding the scoring in his team. Among them: the surprising Yuta Watanabe, who dominates the league in outside shooting with insolent skill (57.1%). It was well worth the praise of its leader, who would still Steph Curry his favorite in a possible 3-Point Contest between the two men:

I’d take God Steph, of course, but Yuta is really on fire right now! He shoots extremely well for us, he allows us to push aside opposing defences, but he is also capable of penetrating when he receives the ball. He’s really making the right calls right now, and when you make the right calls, the shots you take often go better off your hand.

Arrived in the NBA on the Memphis side, in 2018, Watanabe paradoxically displayed no real predisposition as a shooter. He indeed concluded his first season in the league with an average of 12.5% ​​in the field. However, by dint of working on his mechanics and thanks to his current confidence, the Japanese shines in the colors of Brooklyn, to the delight of Durantula!

In the middle of an explosion with the Nets, Yuta Watanabe unexpectedly blazes 3 points, and thanks to that, he reaps the compliments of Kevin Durant. However, he will still have to work to reach the level of Steph Curry!


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