The unique Bugatti The Black Car « spotted » in the street (+ images)!

Surprise: lucky internet users were able to take pictures of the extremely rare Bugatti La Car Noire during an outing near Molsheim!

Bugatti recently decided to stretch the connecting rods of its rarest and exclusive mount, the opportunity for many spotters warned, and lucky, to draw his portrait. Admittedly, the general public has already been blessed with images of this unusual hypercar since its presentation in show-car in March 2019. But these few pictures posted on Instagram (see slideshow) show us the beast for the first time in a public release.

The most expensive hypercar in the world

The Black Car was born in 2019 as a tribute to the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic once owned by Jean Bugatti, the son of founder Ettore. Under its carbon hood, the beautiful black contains the same engine architecture as the Bugatti Chiron and Chiron Sport, namely a monstrous 8.0L W16 whose four turbos develop 1500 horsepower.

According to Stephan Winkelmann, recently inducted at the head of the French brand, the unique copy was acquired in 2019 for the tidy sum of … 16.5 million euros (taxes included) !

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