The Union of Sports Journalists responds firmly to Mohamed Sifaoui / France / Angers SCO /

Big atmosphere in Angers.

Recently appointed head of communication for Angers SCO on October 8, the sulphurous Mohamed Sifaoui has not only made friends. In a tweet aimed at journalists dealing with club news, Sifaoui indicated – in a paranoid posture – the line that the club would follow regarding the club’s future relationship with the press. “While most journalists do their job conscientiously […]others sometimes let themselves be drawn into sneaky maneuvers aimed at destabilizing the club. he says. “Whenever untruths, lies or rumors are relayed, as has sometimes been the case in the past, we will exercise, in accordance with the law, a right of reply […]. Whenever a defamatory article or publication attacking the honor and consideration of the club or those of one of its members is published, we reserve the right […] to pursue the publication concerned and its author […]. We also want to build a healthy and trusting relationship with media professionals who must be vectors for the dissemination of information and not allies. […] of people hostile to the club” .

This declaration did not only make people happy, since the Union of sports journalists in France responded firmly. In its press release, the UJSF expresses its disagreement with the new director of communication from Angevin: « Mr. Sifaoui arrogates the right to distinguish between good and bad journalists according to their writings on the club […] Mr. Sifaoui did well to change jobs: he should remember that journalists are not content to disseminate information, but tirelessly seek it out, verify it, enrich it, indifferent to the lessons of all those who try, in vain , to replace information with communication” can we read.

The next press conferences at Raymond-Kopa will be fun.

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