The unemployed star who earns $ 36 million from 2 franchises this season!


If the NBA has certain cold and brutal aspects, such as the possibility of being traded overnight against its will, it also has a definite advantage: that, in certain situations, of continuing to pile up the money without even playing. This season, a former All-Star holds the prize in the matter, since he feels no less than 36 million dollars from home. Just that…

For any self-respecting NBA player, getting cut is a tough time. If a franchise makes this decision, it is indeed necessarily because it no longer counts on the player, and that it still prefers to pay him so that he goes away than to keep him. The situation is all the more difficult to bear for players who have been stars in the past, and who thus see the irrefutable proof of their decline being served on them.

However, an irrefutable ray of sunshine accompanies the violence of such an announcement: the check. Over the years, some players have accumulated real fortunes in such situations, and a new champion has just been crowned in the person of Kemba Walker.

Kemba Walker, the happiest unemployed person in the world

Cut by the Thunder in the summer of 2021, then by the Pistons in 2022 after going through the Knicks between the two, the former point guard will receive $ 27 million from Oklahoma City for the 2022-23 season. That’s not all, since Detroit will quietly fill Cardiac Kemba’s bank account with 9 million dollars, for a staggering total that exceeds 36 million dollars!

Of course, Walker is the highest paid unemployed in the entire NBA, but he does not hold the absolute record for this 2022-23 season. This honorary title goes to John Wall, to whom the Rockets will pay more than 40 million dollars! A sum that must be added to the 6 million dollars collected by the former Wizards with the Clippers, which brings him to a total of 46 million dollars over the season.

In summary, here are the top 5 players receiving the most money from their former franchise this campaign. All this with the presence of a Frenchie!

1. John Wall – $40,866,760 from the Houston Rockets
2. Kemba Walker – $36,596,549 from Oklahoma City Thunder and Detroit Pistons
3. Danilo Gallinari – $13,000,000 from the San Antonio Spurs
4. Derrick Favors – $10,183,800 from the Houston Rockets
5. Nicolas Batum – $8,856,969 from the Charlotte Hornets

If Kemba Walker is probably having a very bad time being sidelined by the NBA, he who was at the top a few years ago, there is no doubt that the hallucinating jackpot he receives while remaining on his sofa must clearly reduce the pain. . Such are the sometimes crazy rules of the North American league!


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