The ultra-worrying video about Ja Morant after the match!

Injured in Game 3 against the Warriors, Ja Morant could miss meetings given the injury. He will pass exams, but a video of him does not reassure at all. You can see the point guard leaving the room at Golden State, and let’s just say he’s struggling with his knee.

Unplayable in this series against the Warriors, Ja Morant still stuck 34 points on the opposing defense this Saturday evening, except that his teammates were not at the same level. Many mistakes, missed shots, and now the Grizzlies took the water, with a score of 112-142. And yet, it’s not the worst news possible, since Morant injured his knee during this game, and in a very strange way (see you here).

Ja Morant already forfeited for Game 4?

Sanctions against Jordan Poole? Even if the gesture isn’t voluntary, it’s likely the NBA will throw a fine at the rear, not a suspension. It feels more awkward for the player, and no one really knows when Ja got injured. What is certain, however, is that the leader is uncertain for Game 4. He was seen leaving the room, and that does not bode well for the future.

For now, it’s impossible to know if Morant will miss the next game, but seeing him like this, we can have doubts. Only good news? He does not wear crutches, which means he is able to move around on his own. A little relief for the Grizzlies, who will know more during the day, or even Monday, after new examinations concerning Ja, but it does not look very good.

After the game, and in front of the journalists, Jordan Poole justified himself after this gesture. He explains his version of the facts and assures him: he did not want to hurt Morant:

It’s a simple basketball action. We defended it with two and I wanted to take the ball. Obviously we don’t want to see anyone get hurt, I’m not that kind of player, I respect everyone. I hope he will be better, and that he will be on the floor in the next game.

Was Ja Morant the victim of a bad move by Jordan Poole? The answer is clear with the Grizzlies, who will want sanctions. For the moment, we are mainly hoping for news from the player, very uncertain for the future. Too bad for the show.

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