The ultra-insolent sequence of Ben Simmons in training!

As he ramps up, Ben Simmons hopes to help the Nets in the coming weeks, especially with a view to winning the title. The Australian feels better and better, like his last streak in Brooklyn training. What hyper supporters.

While the Nets will begin their campaign in the playoffs against the Celtics, Steve Nash does not know yet when he will be able to count on the support of Ben Simmons. The latter is gaining strength in training, and hopes to join the rest of his teammates in the coming weeks.

Ben Simmons on his way back!

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, and if everything goes well, the former Sixer should make his debut against the partners of Jayson Tatum precisely. We are waiting for news after the first games, but it’s an excellent update for the player, who continues his progress.

After running and shooting all pain free for nearly a week, Ben Simmons needs to take his next step on the court in the coming week: start facing his teammates on the practice court.

If the pain continues to be absent, Simmons will be able to continue with 5vs5, the last step before considering a return to the NBA courts, in this case against the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs. Great news, even if you have to be careful. After all, the risk of relapse exists.

However, Simmons is confident, as he just proved to reporters in training:

Ben Simmons looked over at me and started saying, « Make sure you capture that. » Then he dunks and finishes « There you go ».

The rise of Ben Simmons continues for the Nets, to the point that he should make his debut with his team in the playoffs. Bad news for the Celtics, who will face a vengeful player. In any case, we can’t wait to discover this series.

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