The ultra-disturbing and unacceptable update about Zion!

Package for months, will Zion Williamson play this season? Fans don’t have the answer, and aren’t likely to hear it from CJ McCollum. The newcomer would love to meet the insider, but still hasn’t had a chance to talk to him. Atmosphere.

It’s been a while since Pelicans fans have been waiting for news from Zion Williamson, and the last ones are not really encouraging. His foot pain continues, to the point that a new operation could see the light of day. A real disaster for New Orleans, even if the playoffs are still accessible.

Brandon Ingram continues to shine, but CJ McCollum’s contribution can make a huge difference in Louisiana. We are curious to see the player at work with Zion, even if their agreement is not guaranteed. After all, the update that will follow is not reassuring for the fans.

Zion Williamson isolated from his other teammates?

Present in Cleveland this weekend, where he participates in the three-point contest, McCollum was asked about his discussions with Williamson. Problem ? They don’t exist. The full-back admitted that he didn’t have the chance to chat with Zion, who obviously isn’t near the dressing room during his absence.

« I didn’t have a direct conversation with him. I was able to speak with people close to him and I look forward to sitting down with him soon to discuss. I know as much as you do at the moment, but I’ll dig in to find out more. »

McCollum, new player of the Pels, was therefore not welcomed by Zion. An attitude that says a lot about the interior, especially since the former Blazers is the president of the players’ association. Sending him a simple message would have been the least of things:

Needless to say, it’s extremely disappointing to hear that Zion didn’t bother to contact CJ directly after the trade.

Zion Williamson who does not bother to contact his new teammate? Yes, it’s a huge disappointment, and confirms that the attitude of the interior is far from perfect. Many must be disappointed in Louisiana, starting with CJ McCollum.

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