The ultra-creepy sequence of Victor Wembanyama in the middle of a match

Still on the court recently, Victor Wembanyama continues his preparation with the Mets, for what could be his last season in France for a while. Watch out for injuries, especially since the Frenchman got a huge fright on an opposing counterattack. Fortunately for him, everything is going well.

Expected for the 2023 draft on the NBA side, Victor Wembanyama will soon begin his last season in France, with the Mets. This is at least the scenario hoped for by many franchises, since the Jazz, the Spurs or the Thunder want to be well placed to choose the phenomenon in a few months. But for that, Victor must also assume his status.

Big scare for Victor Wembanyama

Wembanyama remains a very special talent, even unique in history, you just have to see its measurements to better understand. The problem ? The risk of injury necessarily increases, which remains a real unknown for the young player, who will have to reassure the scouts on this subject for the coming campaign. During his last outing, he was rightly scared at the level of the logo… all by himself.

When turning to defend the opposing counterattack, we can see that Victor slips in a very strange way. It’s the best way to hurt a knee or an ankle, but according to the spectators, no problem for him. He got up in stride and was able to make a big performance. We indeed had the right to a few highlights, with a Victor still just as dominant.

Victor Wembenyama had a good scare on this action, but nothing serious for the young prospect. Be careful to avoid injuries, especially as the scouts will follow him very closely in the coming months. It’s time to validate this first place in the next draft.

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