The UK fan chants hit parade in this Euro

Usually it starts in the metro. When you take the Tube heading to Wembley on an England matchday during this Euro, you inevitably find yourself with Three Lions fans screaming loudly and vocally to the glory of their team of hearts, or their manager. So depending on what we heard in the metro, but also around and in the stadium, here is a ranking of the three songs that were most frequently sung by English fans during the competition.

1. Southgate you’re the one

This title, whose air is borrowed from Whole Again of Atomic Kitten, is unanimous, just like his subject. The English coach is indeed adored by fans who consider him the number 1 responsible for the rebirth of a selection which, just five years ago, was the laughing stock of the old continent. Note thatAtomic kitten released a version of his hit by appropriating the lyrics invented by the fans.

Lyrics : “Looking back on when we first met I cannot escape and I cannot forget. Southgate, you’re the one – you still turn me on. Football’s coming home again.  »

Translation :  » When I think back to our first meeting, I can’t get out of it and can’t forget. Southgate you’re number 1, you still have an effect on me. Football is coming home again. « 

2. Don’t take me home

This song, which has been a dazzling success among English fans since Euro 2016, is inspired by the title Achy BreakyHeart, by Billy Ray Cirus. Originally sung by Newcastle lovers, it evokes the pleasure fans take when traveling abroad with their team. Even though England almost play their Euro at home, “ Don’t take me home »Is still very successful.

Lyrics :  » Don’t take me home please, don’t take me home, I just don’t wanna go to work. I wanna stay here and drink all ya beer, please don’t take me home.  »

Translation :  » Don’t take me home, please don’t take me home, I don’t want to go back to work. I wanna stay here, drink all your beer, don’t take me home. « 

3. Sweet Caroline

It has already been pointed out, but this song signed Neil Diamond in 1969 is now taken again with fervor by the spectators of Wembley after each success of the Three Lions. This has led English supporters in recent days to adopt it as an anthem and sing its chorus in all circumstances, adding a repetition ( » So Good, so good, so good ») Which does not exist in the original version, and which suggests the euphoria of the moment.

Lyrics : “Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good (so good so good so good). I’ve been inclined to believe they never would, but now I. « 

Translation :  » Sweet Caroline, the good times never looked so good (so good, so good, so good) I thought they wouldn’t, but not anymore. « 

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