The transfer of Tom Brady

Tom Brady new Buccaneers quarterback

In a year when the global Covid-19 pandemic has turned sports programming and other planetary events upside down (Olympic Games, Euro, etc.), each sport has had to adapt to survive. If 2020 will remain a gloomy year for many people, the twelve months that compose it were nonetheless rich in emotions for any sports fan. From the passage from the NBA to Paris to Lewis Hamilton’s records, through the prowess of Tadej Pogacar or the Final 8 of the Champions League, the editorial staff of We Sport looks back for you on the thirty outstanding moments of 2020. Today , return on the transfer of Tom Brady and his departure from New England after twenty seasons.

The end of an era!

Like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan in the NBA or Paolo Maldini and Francesco Totti in football, Tom Brady was thought to be forever linked with the Patriots and Bill Belichick. Yet in the heart of the month of March, the news falls: Tom Brady will leave the Patriots after twenty years of good and loyal service crowned with six NFL titles. Just that !

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

End of the story between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (photo credit: Musket Fire)

Tom Brady wants some sun

Obviously, the announcement of his departure provokes its share of speculation and rumors of all kinds. One thing is certain, Tom Brady seems to favor a glamorous and sunny destination. He also seems to want to be closer to his family who are based on the East Coast. We should therefore not expect to see him drop his bags in Cincinnati, Cleveland or Detroit. California (Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco 49ers) and Florida (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) are holding the rope! To recruit the star of the Patriots, you must therefore meet two conditions: need a quarterback and have a large financial margin. Yes, because even if he is over forty years old, signing a legend, triple MVP, is expensive.

Tampa Bay breaks the bank!

Very quickly, the Buccaneers became favorites to welcome Terrific Tom. Tampa Bay ticks all the conditions to be able to recruit him. Indeed, the city is located in Florida on the East Coast and, moreover, the Jameis Winston experience must cease and the franchise thus has a good margin of salary cap.

On March 20, the deal was made and leaders in Tampa Bay rushed to break the news. In a few minutes, the Buccaneers go from lambda franchise that has not played in the playoffs for thirteen years to one of the most media franchises and one of the favorites of the NFC conference.

A contract of 50 million dollars over two years therefore awaits Tom Brady in Florida as well as his legendary number 12! Tampa Bay is not taking too much risk with this signing: the contract is short and Tom Brady remains an excellent player in great physical shape. Even if he is obviously no longer in peak form, he should still perform. In addition, the marketing stunt should reimburse a good part of his salary. Successful objective because the Buccanneers have never sold so many shirts as since the signing of the GOAT.

Goal playoffs (or more)

Obviously, the leaders did not bring in Tom Brady just to sell jerseys. Even if the marketing impact is enormous for the franchise, the objective is above all sporting. Deprived of the playoffs for thirteen years, the arrival of Tom Brady aims to put an end to this dearth for the franchise, hoping for better! In any case, it replaces Tampa Bay among the favorites in the NFC conference.

The cream of the receivers

To be able to continue to perform well, Tom Brady needs two things: receivers and a good offensive line. We can say that in terms of receiver, he is served! Best aerial attack the previous season, Tampa Bay has one of the best receiving duos with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. If Tom Brady shouldn’t throw 5,000 yards like Jameis Winston the season before, he shouldn’t throw 30 interceptions like Jameis the Magnificent either. Cleaner and more manageable, the former Foxborough legend should allow this attack to progress. Even if, paradoxically, it will score fewer points than last season.

As for the offensive line, the Buccaneers executives used their first-round pick to strengthen that line. Selected in 13th position of the last draft, Tristan Wirfs will have the difficult task of protecting the jewel Brady.

A shocking duo to welcome Tom Brady to Tampa

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin new targets for Tom Brady. (photo credit: Mark LoMoglio)

The return of the Gronk

This is the other highlight of the offseason in Tampa Bay: the return of Rob Gronkowski to the NFL! After a year of hiatus, the Gronk decides to resume his career and find his friend Tom Brady in Florida. Together, they have already won three Super Bowls and know each other by heart after wearing the same jersey for nine seasons. In addition to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, Tom Brady thus recovers a new target of choice. A target he knows like the back of his hand!

Progress needed in defense

On the other side of the field, Tom Brady will not be able to do anything to improve the team. In difficulty last season, this defense will therefore have to progress if it does not want to weigh down its team. The only advantage with the arrival of a quarterback like Tom Brady is that possession of the ball should increase for Tampa Bay, which will save the defense! It just goes to show that a GOAT can help everyone progress.

Tom Brady indispensable to the Patriots or the Patriots indispensable to Tom Brady

It’s like the eternal debate in the NFL. While there is little doubt about Tom Brady’s place on the throne of the best players in history, we all wonder if he took full advantage of the Patriots system and Bill Belichick. Or if, on the contrary, it was he who made this team so strong, a team that adapted to its qualities.

To summarize this debate, we can ask ourselves two questions. How many titles would the Patriots have won with another quarterback? How many titles would Tom Brady have won on another team? If these questions cannot be answered, this transfer is an opportunity to see how Tom Brady and the Patriots will develop independently of each other.

The struggling Patriots

It was predictable but the Patriots are in trouble at the start of the season. They replaced Tom Brady with Cam Newton, an ex-MVP, but the transplant is struggling to take. Still, the start of the season had been pretty good for the former Panthers quarterback. Rather convincing outings with two wins and four touchdowns on the ground in the first three games. Cam Newton is obviously much more mobile than his predecessor and we thought that this team would be able to aim for a qualification in the playoffs.

But since his shutdown due to Covid, Cam Newton is no longer as effective. He has certainly scored eleven touchdowns on the ground but his impact on the aerial game is very average. This obviously has nothing to do with Tom Brady … In his defense, he has very few solutions whether on the ground or in the air. The adaptation is therefore difficult for Cam Newton and New England is not at best despite a defense that is still as strong. With a record of (6-6), the Patriots have a good chance of missing the playoffs. It would be a first since 2008 and Tom Brady’s white season.

Even if this workforce would have trouble getting the title, we can think that with Tom Brady the season would have been better and the playoffs attainable. These are obviously only guesses!

Tampa Bay still running in

At 43, Tom Brady is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Even if everything is not yet perfect on the side of Tampa Bay, the team on their way to the playoffs and the attack is working well. With 28.7 pts / game, the Buccaneers are the seventh most prolific team and Tom Brady still has very decent stats for his age with already 3300 yards passing (seventh quarterback in the NFL).

The only downside for the Bucs, the three losses suffered in the last four games. Three defeats against playoff contenders (Rams, Chiefs and Saints) which leave doubts about the real level of this team. But Tampa Bay will face four teams with negative results to end the season, which should allow them to return to the playoffs after thirteen years of absence. It is, obviously, from the month of January that we will see if Terrific Tom can become a little more legendary.

The transfer of Tom Brady is one of the most resounding transfers in NFL history and one of the milestones of 2020. Even at forty-three, the former Patriots star remains a legend and his arrival at Tampa Bay is not just media. Buccaneers executives and fans hope to regain success with the presence of GOAT on their team.

Cover photo credit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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