The trade the Lakers could make to transfer Russell Westbrook!

In an increasingly impatient world, many Lakers fans are already calling for the Russell Westbrook trade, which they consider incompatible with the Angelino system and the style of play of the James / Davis duo. So what might an ideal deal look like? We take stock.

Let’s be clear: the beginnings of Russell westbrook among the Lakers are below what was expected. While he had been recruited to be the leader of the pack when LeBron James and Anthony Davis are away or at rest, the Brodie clearly struggles to find his feet and continues mediocre performances. Of course, the logic would be to give him time to settle down, but everything is going very fast, if not too fast, in Los Angeles.

Thus, several fans are already claiming his head and would like to see a trade to correct what they believe to be a casting error. This is probably a very rushed judgment, but if so, what would be the best deal for the Lakers and for the transfer partner concerned? This is an interesting question, and one which has the merit of making the brains work.

Westbrook at the Cavs, the ideal solution for the Lakers?

Among the tracks mentioned, several US media focus on the one leading to Cleveland. Here is, for example, with possibly one or more Draft rounds added, a package to study:

Lakers receive: Kevin Love, Cedi Osman and Collin Sexton
Cavs host: Russell Westbrook (and possible draft rounds)

In this case, Los Angeles would recover Kevin Love, whom several rumors send to the city of angels and who obviously has a big record with Lebron james, as well as Cedi Osman, also close to the King, and a Collin Sexton whose future is uncertain in Ohio.

All players can fill a gap: Love would bring his experience and his spacing, Osman his 3-point shot (more than 41% this season), and Sexton the madness at the position of leader, with a great potential. The problem ? Not sure that the Cleveland front office, which has had a good start to the season, is willing to blow everything up for a Westbrook not always at the top of his game at the moment.

The track is in any case interesting, especially when we know that the Cavs would not be against getting rid of Kevin Love or even Collin Sexton, who did not have the expected extension and whose performance at the start of the campaign does not leave predict the passage of a major milestone.

Would the Lakers benefit from listening to offers for Russell Westbrook? At this stage, it is still far too early to draw such conclusions. If the deal does not improve within 15 or 20 games, however, the cards could be reshuffled …

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