The trade that could send Westbrook to the Lakers according to US media

After the resounding failure of this season, the Lakers know they have to change a lot this summer. Some fans are already dreaming of a third star, and Bleacher Report believes the Russell Westbrook record is playable. Explanations.

In 2020, after a title, the GM of the Lakers Rob Pelinka had nevertheless reshuffled the workforce to try to improve it even further. So after a premature elimination to end a sluggish season, imagine! In the opinion of all American insiders, big movements are brewing in the city of angels, with a watchword: surround Lebron james and Anthony Davis.

To achieve this, Pelinka and the front office obviously have a thousand ways to work. But the one that makes fans dream the most is the arrival of a third superstar in LA. The maneuver would be difficult financially, but it is achievable… and it is enough to give birth to the wildest fantasies.

If Damian Lillard’s name is already coming back, Bleacher Report is leading the way Russell westbrook ! Below is the offer mentioned by journalist Greg Schwartz:

Lakers receive: Russell Westbrook

The Wizards receive: Montrezl Harrell (activation of the player option or sign-and-trade, editor’s note), Kyle Kuzma (sign-and-trade), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, 2nd round of Draft 2023, 2nd round of Draft 2024

According to Bleacher Report, this deal is especially possible if Bradley Beal is traded. With that in mind, Washington would activate rebuild mode, and getting rid of Westbrook’s contract would become a priority. In exchange, the franchise of the capital would thus recover 2 rounds of Draft, an experienced rear, a revenge Harrell and Kyle Kuzma, hoping to apply the « Ingram in New Orleans » treatment to him.

For their part, the Lakers would recover a 3rd star without losing too many assets: whatever happens Kuzma is made available on the market, Montrezl Harrell is unhappy with his role, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope blows hot and cold.

Finally, the big question arises especially on the fit. Individually, he showed, Westbrook is still capable of putting on monstrous performances. But would he be the complement of choice to LeBron James and Anthony davis ? Everyone can use their imagination and form their own opinion on the matter …

Bleacher Report seems to believe in the possibility of Russell Westbrook donning the iconic purple and gold outfit alongside the King and AD next year. Such a hypothesis seems remote to say the least, even if, in fact, we cannot totally exclude it …

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