The Toyota Crown becomes an international hybrid crossover

Archetype of the traditional Japanese sedan, the Toyota Crown is changing. It opens up to an international career and becomes a crossover, expecting more.

Launched in 1955, the Toyota Crown is the oldest name in the Toyota range. It is unknown in Europe, since it has never been officially sold there. The first 4 generations, on the other hand, were sold in North America, before the Crown became a model reserved for the Japanese market in 1973. Since its birth, it has been a large statutory and very classic sedan, sometimes accompanied by a station wagon. But for its sixteenth generation, Toyota has decided to wipe the slate clean.

The new Crown is therefore a crossover, available with a hybrid engine, which will venture outside the Japanese archipelago. Mainly in North America, the Middle East or China. However, his arrival in Europe is not planned. The overused term crossover designates here a kind of sedan with raised ground clearance. Its fastback profile with classic trunk is in line with the current trend: aerodynamic, but not practical…

Two hybrid engines

The model is imposing with 4,928 mm long, but only 1,839 mm wide. The height of 1,539 mm is slightly higher than that of a conventional sedan and comes mainly from the raised ground clearance and the large wheels. This “408 XXL” is also characterized by its original two-tone treatment, depending on the version: roof and bonnet, plus the trunk with an enveloping effect on the fenders. Confusing.

The classicism of the Crown is still expressed on board with a very horizontal reading board. The central screen (12.3″) is attached to the instrument cluster, which is also digital. But the latter remains embedded in a usual well.

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Under the hood of this crossover, based on the TNGA-K platform, only hybrid engines will be found. The entry-level is based on a naturally aspirated 4-cylinder 2.5 with a hybrid engine, the usual eCVT transmission, and a rear electric motor as standard. The set develops 234 hp. At the top of the range, the Crown receives a 2.4 Turbo associated with a 6-speed automatic transmission and still 2 electric motors (front/rear) for a total power of 349 hp. A mechanism already seen on the Lexus RX.

Soon a complete range

This new crossover is just the beginning. Toyota is now planning to make the Crown a full-fledged family. In addition to this crossover, 3 other models were presented simultaneously. A classic sedan has been planned to reassure some of the customers. It is the version closest to the crossover with its pronounced fastback profile, while retaining a conventional trunk opening. Its appearance strongly brings it closer to the Mirai.

Then come two other crossovers. One is called Crown Sport, the other Crown Estate. The latter could accommodate three rows of seats.

Toyota Crown Estate Prototype

Toyota Crown Sport Prototype

Toyota Crown Sedan Prototype

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