The three needs of the Canadiens in view of the trade deadline

The Canadiens are still missing several elements so that they can aspire to become a good NHL team. We are still far from thinking of a circuit power.

With the trade deadline fast approaching, now will be a good time for the Canadiens to seek reinforcements at the level of young players who will help the club move to the next level.

What is important to know is that the CH wants to get another choice in the repechage, of course, but as was the case last year, the idea of ​​​​looking for hopefuls who are approaching the NHL is also on the table.

Why? Because by looking for young people who are close to the NHL, the Canadian could « turn the corner » next year and take an interesting step forward.

This is reported by Marco D’Amico (Montreal Hockey Now), who says that it is a priority objective for the Montreal Canadiens for the second half of the club’s season.

It is a logical conclusion.

In all likelihood, there are three places where the CH would particularly seek to improve for the future. We’re talking about getting help on the right at the blue line, getting our hands on a goalkeeper for the future and adding big talent.

As for goalkeepers, we talked a lot about it this week.

Among defenders, it’s not a surprise either. After all, on the right, the Canadian only has Justin Barron and Logan Mailloux among the club’s big hopes. It’ll take more.

And talent? It may seem obvious, but…

When you look at what Marc Bergevin said, he often spoke of character or leadership while the new administration more often uses terms like talent and speed.

And since the CH does not have an incalculable number of talented players, we can understand the DG to make it one of his priorities in view of the deadline for transactions, which will take place in just over two months. .

Obviously, for that, the Canadian will have to be able to sell the right elements. Sean Monahan is a player who can add talent to the bank of hopes of the Canadian.

Could Josh Anderson too? And what about Joel Edmundson? It is to be continued, all that.

A lot of

– 1000 games down… that’s something.

– To monitor.

– Clearly.

– Ouch.

– Speaking of talent.

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