The terrible rumor circulating about Kawhi Leonard


On the sidelines since the playoffs last year, Kawhi Leonard awaited a critical update on his state of health. This one would have fallen recently, and it should not appeal to fans of the Clippers …

He is perhaps the biggest absent at the start of the season, along with Kyrie Irving. Hit with the cruciate ligaments of the knee during the 2021 conference semi-finals against Jazz, Kawhi leonard has remained in the infirmary since, in order to get back on his feet. The question, however, was whether he would come back quickly as his injury was always complicated to treat to prevent a relapse.

However, it seems that the Clippers have made a big decision about it … and it sounds a priori the death knell of the 2021-22 campaign for The Klaw. During the show Undisputed, Skip Bayless has indeed revealed a crucial info: the winger should not play at all this year. As the Fox Sports analyst explains, this is a preventative measure to get him back to great shape the following season:

Kawhi Leonard out for the rest of the season

I was informed yesterday that Kawhi Leonard will not be returning this season. There had to be a very good chance he would play, initially. But it was the Clippers’ choice. They just said “let’s stop everything for the rest of the season”. So you don’t have to worry about Kawhi. He will be back next October for a new title race.

With that, it is the chances of title of Californians which fly, a priori. The Clipp’s made a good start to the season in the absence of their player franchise, notably under the leadership of Paul George and Nicolas Batum. However, it seems impossible for Tyronn Lue’s men to lift the crown without the double champion, so essential to the game of his team thanks to his qualities as a two-way player.

Nevertheless, the caution of the leaders seems justified, precisely because the former Spurs is the anchor of the team. Better therefore that he returns as well as possible, instead of risking a relapse by forcing on the end of the current campaign. Under contract until June 2025, Leonard still has time ahead of him in Los Angeles. However, it remains to go get this third champion’s ring …

We should therefore not see Kawhi Leonard again before fall 2022, at best. A big disappointment for the fans of the Clippers, who will certainly see the winger’s third year in the City of Angels remain a virgin, too …


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