The surprising untouchable star to recover Kevin Durant!

To give Kevin Durant in a trade, the Nets are logically very greedy. The franchise wants to recoup a large consideration, while the suitors are unwilling to put in the necessary effort. We know that the Pelicans have expressed an interest, but the leaders are not ready for everything. All this can explain this delay in the talks.

If all goes well, Kevin Durant will be traded in the next 30 days before the start of training camp. If this is not the case, this file will become even more complicated, since franchises do not like to modify their roster after the takeover. The negotiations could therefore experience a small boost quickly, with the Celtics who are now the favorites according to sources. But watch out for a surprise, especially in the West.

Pelicans don’t back down on Kevin Durant soap opera

We must watch the Pelicans in this soap opera, they who were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs last year, against the Suns. The leaders have ambition with the return of Zion Williamson, or the presence of CJ McCollum to guide this roster. The team continues to eye KD for a shot, but the front office has just made a player untouchable, enough to satisfy a few people.

The Pelicans do not want to integrate Brandon Ingram in a trade to recover Kevin Durant.

Despite some good performances, Ingram stagnated a bit on his wing. He is capable of beautiful things, which can precisely motivate the Nets to recover it. After all, we are still talking about signing Kevin Durant in exchange, so we will necessarily have to make sacrifices, which New Orleans does not want to make. But is that really a problem for a rebuilding franchise? Probably not.

Well, don’t sacrifice young talent for a guy who won’t bring anything

Trade our future against KD, of course not

Brandon Ingram is not available to recover Kevin Durant, which does not bother Internet users. On the contrary, New Orleans might do better to capitalize on its young talents to continue to develop in the West. The arrival of such a star could have negative repercussions in Louisiana.

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