The surprising Laker who will shake up the rotation

This summer, the Lakers took on the services of several big names and solid veterans in an effort to clinch a new title. But after a complicated start, he’s a stranger who could make his way into the rotation and be the X-factor for this team.

It was not easy, as since the start of the season, but the Lakers finally won this Friday against valiant Cavaliers. It must be said that the return of Lebron james, absent for two meetings for an ankle injury, did good, since he finished with 26 points, 8 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals! But all was not perfect, since the King lost a lot of balls.

Like his whole team, the n ° 6 was very clumsy with 7 turnovers, but above all some rather unusual defensive errors. Led in the 3rd quarter time, Frank Vogel’s men needed a little spark named Carmelo Anthony to get back into the match. With 24 points, Melo may have put his name in the race for the best 6th man of the year, which is pretty bonkers for a player in his 19th season in the NBA.

Austin Reaves soon installed in the rotation of the Lakers?

But he is not the only one to have pulled out of the game. Dwight Howard, for example, ignited the Staples Center with a barely believable action which drew a sharp reaction from LeBron and Russell Westbrook, but above all, Austin Reaves was the detonator of the return of the Purple and Gold in this meeting. His trainer was ecstatic about him at a press conference.

Frank Vogel says Austin Reaves has been amazing for the Lakers since the start of the season.

On paper, Austin Reaves was not exceptional this Friday with 7 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 20 minutes spent on the field. But his defense, which doesn’t fall in the stat line, was a big factor in the Lakers’ victory. Likewise, his points and assists always came at the right time. It’s not for nothing that Kendrick Perkins wants to see him on the floor more often.

Vogel must give Bazemore every minute to Austin Reaves… But I understand that the Lakers must have promised him playing time when he signed!

Austin Reaves probably didn’t expect that when he arrived at the Lakers. In a few meetings, it has become essential in the eyes of some!

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